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Pure Prairie Farm was founded in 2010 to grow high quality fruits and vegetable for the local market. We are passionate about agriculture, good land stewardship and nutritious food. We believe that everyone should have access to locally raised food that is safe from pesticides (or any -cides) and be nutrient rich.

Our wish is to (RE) connect people to freshness and flavorful. Something familiar but milder, juicier, sweeter, crunchier …a unique color or different texture. We work hard to grow food that is delicious, healthy and nourishing. We strive to achieve this by applying advanced soil and plant fertility, use minerals and advanced biological products. 

Our vegetable selections expand and vary yearly, often with several unusual and lessen known heirloom varieties tucked amongst customer favorites. We look forward to expanding to fruit; not just more melons and cantaloupe but strawberries, apples, pears, raspberries and pretty much anything that our midwest climate can handle. People love their sweets and we want to be able to provide it to them some of the best that nature has to offer.

We sell our produce mostly direct to consumers at farmers markets and through our community supported agriculture shares (csa). We have also worked with area restaurants, caterers, canners and other food professionals in the Fox Valley Area and surrounding communities. We are continuing to grow more and build our network and expose more people to locally grown, sustainability raised foods Pure Prairie Farm also teaches classes on various topics related to growing. 

Whether raised by us, or your own garden, experience for yourself the superb freshness of real food with real home grown flavor that can deliciously awaken your palate and enliven your plate


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